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Demystifying your health insurance plan it can be confusing to decipher all the acronyms and lingo of health care — so how do you pick the right health care plan

Life Kit NPR break down commonly used terms and offer a strategy to help crunch the numbers →

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How to talk to your parents about their money. There comes a time when it's the kid's turn to take care of mom and dad. Here's how to broach this sensitive subject with your parents.

Life Kit NPR: Yes, end-of-life planning is a tough subject. How to talk to your parents about it →


Many millennials and Gen Z’s have done everything “right” - they’ve graduated, found good jobs, are paying off their debt and saving money. So why is it so hard to live the middle class lifestyle their parents and older peers had at their age?

Saving Podcast: Stress Test by columnist Rob Carrick - Is the middle class dead for millennials and Gen Z? →


The Bank of Parents - Exploring a touchy subject for every family: borrowing money from your parents.

Saving Half Banked Podcast: Hosts Cadeem, Bethan and Lauren on the Bank of Parents →


How soaring rents are transforming student life. Student debt is a growing problem in Canada - one that’s set to get worse in the coming years.

Saving Podcast: Stress Test by columnist Rob Carrick on how soaring rents are transforming student life →


Rob Carrick talks to Paul Kershaw, a professor at the University of British Columbia and founder of Generation Squeeze, a group that researches intergenerational fairness, about why many millennials feel like the middle class is dead.

Saving Podcast: Is the middle class dead for millennials and Gen Z? →


Rising interest rates brought pain for new homeowners - and opportunity for house hunters

Saving Podcast: Stress Test by columnist Rob Carrick and editor Roma Luciw →


Rob Carrick's Stress Test with Shannon Lee Simmons, a Toronto-based certified financial planner whose core clients are millennials and Gen Z, about shifting views of retirement and how you can best prepare.

Saving Podcast: Retirement might look different for Gen Z and millennials. Here’s how to plan for it →


Rob Carrick speaks with Shir Magen, the CEO of HomeStars on his Stress Test Podcast about the popularity of renovations, the types of renos that add value to your home and money-saving tips for those considering heading down the reno route.

Saving Podcast: Renovating can help you get the home you otherwise can't afford →

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Why you got into debt, and how to get out "Between massive mortgages, student loans, lines of credit and credit cards, a lot of us are struggling to pay what we owe and stressed about it."

Serious Stuff Podcast: Why you got into debt, and how to get out →


"A $5,700 wedding dress for $64. Expensive baby items for a fraction of the price. Construction materials to renovate a home."

Saving Podcast: Save money and the planet: How thrifting can help combat inflation →


Money Shame - You’re broke, but you blow $100 on a dinner you can’t afford. You feel like you’re bad with money and your way of coping is to ignore your finances.

Saving Podcast: You're not bad at money - you're suffering from money shame →


If you’re looking for solid financial-planning strategies and information about the savings tools available, this podcast is for you.

Saving Podcast: How to crisis-proof your finances →


In 2022, the number of people moving to Alberta hit its highest level in almost a decade. At the same time, a record number of people left Toronto for other provinces.

Saving Podcast: Why millennials and Gen Z are Alberta-bound for a more affordable life →

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After years of soaring home prices, there was hope that rising interest rates would lead to lower prices in 2023 and give young Canadians an entry point into the market.

Podcast - Why more Canadians are giving up on home ownership →