Neontra for Business

Better Finances for a Better You

Benefit Providers

Financial Health

An effective new solution to help employers offer financial wellness as a benefit.

Integrate Neontra into your existing benefits offering.
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Financial Wellness for Employers

Measurable Impact

A revolutionary new financial wellness and planning platform for everyday people that is effective, continuous and affordable.

Over time, Neontra will help decrease employee stress and anxiety related to personal finance and money matters to help them become happier and return to productivity at work.

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Banks & Credit Unions

Transformative Digital Services

For Financial Institutions looking to keep pace with their clients' changing expectations, Neontra's innovative and customer-centric solution can enhance both their products and services.

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Financial Advisors

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Provide a comprehensive, client-focused, precise, safe financial planning digital-first service that helps clients reach their specific financial goals. Collaborative planning for cash flow, budgets, goals, insurance and portfolio needs.

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Wealth Managers

Competitive Advantage

Manage the full scope of your client's assets and liabilities. Collaborate and help clients manage their cash flow, budgeting, portfolios and insurance from all their financial institutions.

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Personalized Financial Education

Neontra can be customized to help people gain a foundational understanding of personal finance concepts in a modern interactive digital way.
Learn about:

  • Budgeting and saving
  • Consumer credit
  • Financial goals
  • Loans and debt
  • Insurance
  • Investments and retirement
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