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Topic: "Inflation"

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Consumer Price Index (CPI)

A measure of the average change over time in prices paid by consumers, for a basket of consumers goods and services.

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Did you know?

Canada’s Food Price Report 2023 predicts Canadian families will spend up to $1065 more on food than in 2022.

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Did you know?

Nearly 3 in 4 Canadians report rising prices impacting their ability to meet day to day expenses in 2022, according to StatsCan.

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Did you know?

Asking rents in Canada increased 9.7% annually to an average of $1,984 in February. The annual rate of rent inflation has been moderating since reaching a high of 12.4% in November 2022.

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Inflation is a persistent rise in the average level of prices over time.

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How much more are groceries costing you this year?

Mapped: Which Countries Have the Highest Inflation?

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