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Comprehensive Financial Planning

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A New Technology Platform for Financial Advisors

Neontra provides a fully managed service to help you engage with both prospects and clients. Deepen client engagement, and stay connected with prospects using a modern digital platform for financial management and planning.

Financial Advisors need to adapt to the shifting demands and expectations of their clients. Neontra enables Financial Advisors to remain competitive and engage with clients with a modern digital-first experience.

We solve your most pressing needs

Client portals are expensive

  • Neontra offers an affordable subscription-based digital service. No up-front costs, no hidden fees.

Client setup is time-consuming

  • Clients self-register and setup within minutes. Because clients initiate and control the onboarding process, you save valuable time.

My workload is overwhelming

  • Neontra automates time-consuming manual tasks, freeing up time to focus on higher-value tasks like helping your clients and prospecting.

A modern digital experience is important to my clients

  • Neontra interfaces (mobile, web) can be customized and are attractive and intuitive, with easy-to-use charts, graphics and visualizations.

Managing client data is hard

  • We automatically retrieve and aggregate client data, creating a 360-degree view of financial life. And we keep it up-to-date, so you and your clients can spend time where it counts: planning.

I can’t scale

  • Better, more efficient tools mean you can support more clients and affordably scale your business.

Data security is a concern

  • Neontra is powered by SOC2-certified TXIO, so you can feel confident knowing your clients’ data is protected.

I struggle with engagement

  • Neontra continuously tracks and analyzes transactional client data: e.g. spending, credit cards, transfers, investments and loans providing you an opportunity to engage/advise on their whole financial life.

Neontra for Financial Advisors

  • View and assess a client’s financial life within minutes using 360-degree view of client data
  • Automated management of client data
  • Aggregate and track all client investments in one place: e.g. stocks, bonds, ETFs, funds, art, crypto, real estate and more
  • Broaden prospect funnel with new and growing demographics
  • Insights, spend analysis, budgeting, investment tracking, goals, forecasts and more
  • Lower client acquisition cost through platform automation
  • See new revenue, product and service opportunities
  • No costly and time-consuming technology integration
  • Reduce churn rate with tools that promote and drive daily engagement

Clients expect app-based services for digital engagement. Neontra's innovative iPhone, Android and Web apps mean you can reach clients and prospects in real-time on any device.

Our white label, partnership and API solutions provide the ability to integrate across multi-platforms and systems like human resource platforms, benefit systems or employer portals. Partners can launch our innovative services and products quickly, saving expensive integration and time-to-market costs.

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