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Did you know?

All banknotes wear out in time. Since smaller-denominated notes are used more often, they have a shorter lifetime. Typically, a USD $1 bill will last about 21 months, while a $20 bill can last over seven years.

How may days does your money last? See all your spending visualized by day, week and month →

Word of the week

Credit Utilization Ratio

A comparison of your available credit to how much you have actually utilized. A good credit score can be attributed to a low utilization ratio. The ideal target is to use 30% or less of your available credit.

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New York Times Quiz The newspaper wants to help young people get a better handle on their money. To begin, we want to hear from you.

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Quote of the week

"There is no practice more dangerous than that of borrowing money"

- George Washington

Infographic of the week

The Monthly Cost of Buying vs. Renting a House in America

With home prices and mortgage rates both rising, the U.S. is now witnessing the biggest numerical gap in the monthly cost between owning a home and renting in over 50 years. Americans, however, have seen similar scenarios occur since the early 1980s.

The Monthly Cost of Buying vs. Renting a House in America See the difference of buying vs. renting a single-family residence in the U.S. since 1970, adjusted for inflation. →


Tips for Avoiding the Top 20 Common Investment Mistakes

When learning how to invest, it is important to learn from the best, but it also pays to learn from the worst. These top 20 most common mistakes have been compiled to help investors know what to watch out for. If any of these mistakes sound familiar, it is likely time to meet with a financial adviser.

The CFA Institute on investment mistakes →

Fun stuff

"Just a dollar down and a dollar a week You can get all the things you seek For a dollar down and a dollar a week"

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