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Did you know?

Americans are spending an average of $552 on streaming services a year.

44% Report Streaming Costs Increasing Over the Last Year →

Word of the week

Closed-loop prepaid card

Only specific merchants allow the usage of this kind of card. A closed-loop card can only be valid at a certain store or collection of retailers. A good example is a closed-loop prepaid card card used on your local public transit system.

You can track all your closed-loop prepaid and gift cards at Neontra →


Budgeting with gift cards or prepaid cards can help you avoid accidental overspending, prepay for expenses and take advantage of store-specific perks, such as discounts and points.

How to Budget Using Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards By Emily Starbuck Gerson →

Quote of the week

"My advice is to treat [credit cards] like what they are: little plastic grenades that must be handled very carefully."

- Elizabeth Warren

Infographic of the week

Charted: U.S. Wealth by Generation

In 2023, American Baby Boomers owned 52% of the country’s net wealth despite comprising only 20% of the population. Based on Federal Reserve data, this graphic illustrates the distribution of wealth in the United States from 1990 to 2023 by generation.

Charted: U.S. Wealth by Generation Baby Boomers Own Over Half of the Wealth →


4 Basic Things to Know About Bonds By Eric Fontinelle

Although the bond market appears complex, it is really driven by the same risk-return tradeoffs as the stock market. Once an investor masters these few basic terms and measurements to unmask the familiar market dynamics, they can become a competent bond investor.

How Do Bonds Work? →

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