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Word of the week

Capital Appreciation

A rise in an investment's value is known as capital appreciation, often known as a capital gain. It is the difference between an asset's acquisition price and selling price.

Capital Appreciation: Meaning, Types and Examples →


How to travel on a budget: Our 9 best tips from

  1. Come up with a plan
  2. Travel out of season
  3. Be accommodation-savvy
  4. Pack properly
  5. Book flights in advance…
  6. …and be smart about how you fly
  7. Embrace public transport
  8. Don’t eat away your cash
  9. Earn while you travel

Use our free vacation budget calculator to capture all your expenses and set a budget. Remember, it's the most memorable holiday that means the most, not the most expensive!

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Quote of the week

"Personal finance is only 20% head knowledge. It’s 80% behavior!"

- Dave Ramsey

Infographic of the week

Visualized: The Growth of Clean Energy Stocks

Over the last few years, energy investment trends have shifted from fossil fuels to renewable and sustainable energy sources. Long-term energy investors now see significant returns from clean energy stocks, especially compared to those invested in fossil fuels alone. For this graphic, Visual Capitalist has collaborated with EnergyX to examine the rise of clean energy stocks and gain a deeper understanding of the factors driving this growth.

Visualized: The Growth of Clean Energy Stocks The Growth of Clean Energy Stocks →


Track your global stock portfolio

Track all your stocks in US, Canada and beyond with Neontra!

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Fun stuff

"Well, it's only money It will go away It's only change in pockets And it'll get back to mine someday But it's only money And it will go away"

Find out who sings "It's Only Money" on our Neontrack playlist.

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Listen to our Neontrack playlist when you have music and money on your mind.

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