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CTB | How to: Import .csv Files

Canadian Tire Bank

1 Login to your Canadian Tire Bank online account
2 At the top of the page, select "Details" from the navigation menu
3 In the "Transactions" section, choose the desired "Statement Period"
4 Scroll to the bottom of the page
5 Next to the "Download" button, select “CSV” from the “Download As” menu
6 Click "Download"
7 Save the file on your Desktop, or to a folder on your computer. The file will have a “.csv” extension.
8 Sign in to your Neontra account and select the "My Money" section on the left hand navigation menu.
9 Navigate to the corresponding account. Cash accounts are listed in the "Cash Accounts" tab, credit cards in the "Credit Cards" tab, and investment accounts in the "Investments" tab
10 Click on "Import Reports" on the right
11 Click on "Browse" and select the file you wish to import.
12 Click on "Upload"
13 Categorize uncategorized transactions and/or write a memo
14 Once done, click "Accept Transfers"