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See how patterns from the past project into the future

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Plan for Your Future with our New and Improved Forecasts

We’re excited to announce the release of our new and improved Forecast page as part of web release 1.32.0.

The Forecast page is now organized into 3 main sections:

You are free to add assets and/or liabilities to your Forecast, and to change many of the numbers in the tables (current values, growth rates, etc.), so that you can simulate different scenarios and see how changes may affect your financial future.

When you first come to the Forecast page, your forecast is by default populated with the Cash Flow, Assets, and Liabilities associated with your Neontra account (bank accounts, personal assets, loan accounts, etc.). If you’d like to start from an empty forecast, click the trash can button on the ‘My Forecast’ header.

You can always get back to the default state by clicking the auto-populate button on the same header - this button essentially ‘undoes’ any changes made to your forecast.

Simplified Scenario Testing
By changing the numbers and time range on your forecast, you can easily answer questions like:

If I increase my monthly contribution to my investment account from $500/month to $700/month, how much will that change the value of my investment account in 35 years, assuming 5% growth on my investments?

What kind of a monthly payment would I need to make on a $700k mortgage with a 6% interest rate to have it paid off in 25 years?

Future Enhancements
This is just the first stage release, and we have several useful features in development that will be released as soon as they are ready. Some of the more notable upcoming features include:

  • Adding the ability to add assets and liabilities with start/end dates
  • Adding the ability to add transactions/cash flow items to your forecast (one-time or recurring, with start/end dates)
  • Adding the ability to save and load forecasts

Have your say! Vote on feature requests for Neontra and we'll consider them for future development.

We are improving Neontra day by day. Stay tuned to catch all of our new features and improvements here →